TR-626 as Sequencer

Since I built my 808/909 clone without a built-in sequencer,
I needed to find a drum machine which transmitted sequences to an external device,
preferably with the Roland x0x style editing method, to trigger my sounds.

I found the Roland TR-626 was likely to be the best bet for this,
so when I saw one advertised cheaply, I bought it.
My TR-626 was in mint condition, with the original box, manual, pattern card and even the plastic bag the original Roland batteries came in.
A bargain at 80 ukp. Just forget about those internal sounds...

Although not quite as easy to use as the 606, 808 or 909, it is pretty close.
One potential problem is the complex process for configuring each internal sound to send an external midi message.
Without a manual, this could prove very difficult to work out, so for the benefit of those without a manual, here's how it's done.
(I've assumed at least a basic knowledge of the operation of the 626)

While you're pressing SHIFT+ENTER after SHIFT+SYNC/MIDI you'll notice some other settings.

Last update: 29th October 2000